dirty laundry

dirty laundry

maybe it sounds unbelievable that i don’t own my own washing machine... but it’s true. 

without any further explanation of the reason why- fact is that i can wash our laundry only every monday.

while a capsule wardrobe is still the ultimate goal, our capsule has to be a little bigger than the usual one, because of this circumstances.

here is how i keep things clean and still don’t own a lot of things:

strategically plan your capsule 

think about your lifestyle and adapt the capsule wardrobe to your needs. that means you know best what kind of clothes you wear on a regular basis. if you spend most of your day outside, you will need more warm clothing than a person working in an office. by saying warm clothing i also mean warm underwear, like wool-tights or leggings and long sleeve shirts. when you layer, your outer clothes will stay clean longer. same rules for linens and towels. if you have children or get sleepover guests on a regular basis, your should have more bedding in store than a single.

keep clothes longer clean 

this one might seem strange, but i try to stretch the washing by keeping the dirt out of the clothing as long as it is possible, especially in the cold season, when you can’t wash easily a shirt in-between because of the heavier materials. that again means layering: i would never wear a wool pullover on naked skin, but a shirt or blouse underneath. when i come home, i immediately change into more casual clothes and hang the formal ones to air out. especially since i switched to a natural deodorant my new friends are self adhesive pads for those garments that need dry cleaning. this is obviously not so good for the environment (but maybe still better than dry cleaning) so i prefer wearing a light shirt to keep deodorant-stains from my clothes.

if you have a talent for leaving sprinkles of your lunch on your outfit, don’t be to shy to put on a napkin in your collar while eating. better to look like a little one when eating than sloppy for the rest of the day.

take care of your clothes 

read the labels and washing instructions on your clothes. beside the instruction icons, most brands also write the instructions on the label. you find information about the maximum temperature, if it is necessary to wash with similar colors because the dye will bleed when washed, if you need to turn your garment inside-out or dry it hanging. if possible, i prefer the lowest heat. did you know that most workwear for medical staff is washable only up to 60 °C /140 °F? why then should the average housewife use higher temperatures? clothing like shirts, skirts or pants will be clean even on 20 °C/68 °F. before putting in the washer, make sure, the zippers are closed, delicate fabrics are in a mesh bag and the collar stiffeners are removed. and above all- don’t let your fabrics in the washer or tumbler. by doing so you can cut the time you need for ironing and avoid getting mould in your machines. you will only get clean clothes in a clean machine.

last but not least...

truth is- the less clothes you own, the easier it gets to keep such a routine. because my closet is pretty empty, i can easily see if i’m running out of clothes. and by the way- because we live in germany, when i say ‘closet’ i mean an armoire, not something more like a little room. anyway i hope this gives you a little help if you’re struggling with a pile of clothes right now. 

2019 to-do-list

how do you enjoy the new year 2019 so far? did it accomplish to already fulfil some of your expectations? or should i rather ask- did you accomplish to fulfil some of your expectations? 

somehow it seems that most of us are getting disconnected to themselves, as a year goes to its end, which leads us to make resolutions and expectations for the next year, that are unattainable anyway. as if we become another person as the fog of the  fireworks disappear.

this year i wanted to try something different: a to-do-list, that could be easily tackled and keep the motivation alive. sure, the goals on my list wouldn’t be so spectacular, that other people notice me changing, but it would be my modest, humble little list of things i want to do in this year 2019. 

here it is.

  • write down 5 things i‘m grateful for, every night before going to sleep 
  • read in my bible, every day, even if just one verse
  • learn one new chord on my ukulele 
  • drink at least one glass of water after drinking a cup of coffee
  • have some cash in my pockets, so i can share if i meet a person in need

as i mentioned before, it is nothing special, but i am positive that it is possible for me to go through the next twelve months and keep track of my list, no bad conscious included.

what does yours look like?