2019 to-do-list

2019 to-do-list

how do you enjoy the new year 2019 so far? did it accomplish to already fulfil some of your expectations? or should i rather ask- did you accomplish to fulfil some of your expectations? 

somehow it seems that most of us are getting disconnected to themselves, as a year goes to its end, which leads us to make resolutions and expectations for the next year, that are unattainable anyway. as if we become another person as the fog of the  fireworks disappear.

this year i wanted to try something different: a to-do-list, that could be easily tackled and keep the motivation alive. sure, the goals on my list wouldn’t be so spectacular, that other people notice me changing, but it would be my modest, humble little list of things i want to do in this year 2019. 

here it is.

  • write down 5 things i‘m grateful for, every night before going to sleep 
  • read in my bible, every day, even if just one verse
  • learn one new chord on my ukulele 
  • drink at least one glass of water after drinking a cup of coffee
  • have some cash in my pockets, so i can share if i meet a person in need

as i mentioned before, it is nothing special, but i am positive that it is possible for me to go through the next twelve months and keep track of my list, no bad conscious included.

what does yours look like?