the modest minimalista bride

the modest minimalista bride

if you are a bride this year, you are surely eager to find the perfect wedding gown. 

if you are a modest minimalista bride, you surely want to find a dress that suits your looks, your style, your budget, your morals and will please your groom.

what you don’t know about me by now is, that i used to work as a bridal consultant in a fancy bridal salon some years ago. to find the perfect dress for my clients i had to ask them a lot of questions, listen carefully and then... pull out a dress that would look just stunning on the bride. my goal was to sell a dress that would make the bride feel beautiful. however, the budget for a wedding gown in this particular store, could cost up to 6000,- € .

if you are not able or willing to spend such a huge amount of money for a dress, you wear only one day in your life, nowadays i agree with you. it is possible to look absolutely stunning on your wedding day without breaking the bank or revealing more than you want. here are some tips.

  • pick the style:  browse your photos: where do you like yourself the most? are you wearing cooler or warmer tones?  this could show you whether the gown should be in a crisp white, creamy pearl or silvery undertone.
  • what kind of outfits are you always getting compliments for? is it something timelessly elegant, playfully romantic or rather clean chic? the answer could show if you would feel most beautiful in a silken a-line dress, a princess robe or rather a gown with ruffles or applications.                              
  • imagine yourself in fifty years: your granddaughter is visiting and runs to the wall with your wedding picture on it. now close your eyes. how do you look on this picture? this gives you a reminder of what kind of look makes you feel like yourself.
  • define your budget. this is a tricky part, because many brides have a budget in mind when shopping for a dress, but completely forget about additional costs for dress-alterations, underwear, shoes and other accessories. nothing looks as cheap as an expensive dress that doesn’t fit. especially when you fall in love with a dress that is a little more revealing, you should spend more on a perfectly matching cover-up or a good tailor and some extra fabric.
  • try your moms dress. of course only if you have about the same size as she had on her wedding day. maybe it is still in good shape and needs only a good clean. if you like the basics of it, ask your mom whether she would be ok with you redesigning her gown. keep in mind that for many generations in the past it was absolutely normal thing to proudly wear the wedding gown of their mother or ever future mother-in-law.
  • try a pre-loved dress. shopping secondhand is not very popular in terms of wedding fashion, but it is a beautiful way to share the joy of one bride to a bride with a smaller budget. if the store is founded by a charity organisation, your shopping will make even more people happy.
  • when shopping for your most important dress, be prepared. wear neutral underwear, sheer tights and shoes with heels in the height you’re most comfortable in. style your hair so you feel pretty. 
  • the moment you look at yourself in the mirror, you want to see a beautiful bride in a wedding dress- not a bride in a beautiful dress. if the first thing you notice is a beautiful stranger, you will probably ask yourself one day “what was i thinking when i choose this gown”? 

and one last advice: don’t overthink it. at the end of the day even your wedding dress is just a piece of clothing. it does not define you or your marriage. in my career as a bridal consultant i have seen brides finding and getting the dress of their dream, and still feeling unhappy because they found a wrinkle on the spanish-lace veil. other brides had a simple dress and cheap jewellery but looked so overwhelmingly beautiful when they started to smile from ear to ear, that everyone around them would shed a tear, even our sales team. what matters is that you are starting a life with the man you love.

best wishes, the modest minimalista