moving house

moving house

more than a month ago my husband and i were moving to another city in the black forest.
since this was our second moving house in a shorter period of time, i was really overwhelmed, even by the thought of it. but some small hacks made the packing process easier this time.

- don’t buy new boxes. we bought used boxes from a local, that we found on the internet and they were mainly as good as new. afterwards we were even able to pass them on.

- instead of dismantling all the furniture, we kept light stuff inside our dressers and wrapped them with simple cling foil. there are some heavy-duty moving foils on the market, but the one fromourkitchen did the job greatly. 

- instead of buying bubble wrap ( because with the cling foil we were already destroying the environment) use fillers that you can use afterwards. i wrapped dishes in my kitchen towels and papertowels.moving in an apartment that includes a kitchen means a lot of intensive cleaning and the paper towels came so handy.

- don’t remove your hanging clothes from the hangers. simply put a big, industrial strength trash bag around a couple of clothes and close the bag. this way the clothes stay clean in the whole movingprocess and can be relocated easily.

- put sharp things like knives in the inner roll of the use paper towels, so no one gets hurt on the day of the moving or while unpacking.

- if you rave to remove screws from furniture or cables from appliances, put them in smaller bags and stick them with some tape to the thing they belong. this will save you time and sanity...

- pack a travel bag with items you will definitely need immediately, like a set of underwear, your documents, a bottle of water and some healthy snacks, a charger for your phone (one could never guess how many phone calls you make on moving day) and, if needed, medicine. put this travel bag in your car, so it won’t get lost.

- and last but not least-keep your sense of humour and the right perspective: things will get lost or broken, but they remain just things. more important is that you have people who arewillingtohelpyou on this new chapter of your life and you definitely don’t want any of them to get hurt. say thank you, even when they accidentally damage one of your belongings. offer yourhelpersdrinksand foodand try to have a good time. the worst first memory of your new home would be a huge fight with your friends over a broken vase....